May 4, 2022 | Georgetown

This is the time of year that I review student performance and outcomes at all three of our Mathnasium Learning Centers. Our teams work very aggressively all year to get as many of our students to grade level or above, and we were excited to see so much progress made in our centers. For example, students in our newly acquired Kyle location went from about 50% of our students working below grade level to now having 70% working on grade level. A great overall gain for the center that we hope to further next school year.

We have found that our "On-Level" Learners typically benefit from doing the following things:

  1. Attend twice a week (this would be encouraged if you are not in this level of enrollment). You may need to consider 3 times a week if less than 50% of the On-Level learning plan is not completed.
  2. By attending over the summer, we begin math previews of the next school year. This makes a great dent in the first 6-9 weeks of school topics.
  3. The jump start is particularly helpful for active kids during the school year.
  4. If you are transitioning school levels (headed to 6th or 9th grade), we strongly encourage this continuity over the summer to smooth out your transition into a new school system.
  5.  If you are in elementary school with a goal of placing into an advanced math track in Middle School, we strongly encourage you to continue your path toward being ahead in our Math Level.

The average learning plan duration is 7 months, which lets us go slightly faster than the pace of the school year, so we can advance students to their highest potential.

There are approximately 75 days of summer break (about 11 weeks) and we are asking for 22 hours out of that time. It will sustain your student's skills and prevent the summer slide. We have worked hard on these gains this year and want them to stay fresh. And maybe that means less video game playing, and we are definitely the "coolest" place indoors!

Call your center to ask about your child's math level evaluation.

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