Look No Further

May 14, 2019 | Germantown MD
Dear Parents & Guardians, Are you shopping around for the best Math program for your child? It can be very tedious and confusing task to pick the right one. Let's help you to decide by using "Elimination Method". Here are 16 main reasons why we are the best math only people in town and no need to look further: 
  1. Maximum 4 students to one Instructor but one-on-one Instruction due to prescription based Learning Plan derived from a detailed assessment to pin point the student's need and thus not possible to do any group teaching like a classroom where all students need to move at same pace that happens at school / oher learning centers but not here.
  2. Some learning centers may just give expensive packet after packet to make student cry at home dealing with math packets that perhaps can be found online from various sites with low cost membership or even free and parent must get involved to teach and grade those pages. So, parents paying to get more work load ! This makes no sense. 
  3. We have no packet business here and Instructions are given with live person sitting across the student table that is simply priceless and explains all different ways to make sure student understands. Online service proviers would provide a online video to rewind that would keep saying the same thing again which the child did not understand.
  4. Some parent chooses online live instruction classes to save driving time and money. Again, those are classes and watch the recorded video if missed a class. For younger children, parents need to watch the child entire time while the online class is going on. Children needs targetted Math prescription and move at their own pace that can not happen in an online class. Then deal with lot of home work. Math prescripion is the key to the success that is what we do - not a general placement test to start giving the homework packet. We could offer online one-on-one service only on emergency basis we call "Mathnasium@HOME" with same instructor that the child works with at center - same as student coming to our brick and morter center.
  5. Private tutoring is no good for long term success since it can only address tomorrows home work or test or qizzes but not the foundation damage since private tutors do not have correct assessment tools to create a Math Prescription. It is bit pricy as well. We offer private on case-by-case basis.
  6. We send daily report to parents after each session given by instructor on a paper or via email/text.
  7. We send monthly progress report via email to parents in first week of every month with copy of Exam pages taken in the previous month
  8. Re-evaluation to tune up Math prescription after certain interval for faster progress and to achieve better results.
  9. Way behind? No worries - Prescription topics makes permanent Fix to catch up and build confidence
  10. Way advance? No worries - Get super advance material - Right food for the right brain !
  11. COGAT/GT/Magnet Prep for students to be placed in higher level math class in school
  12. We teach all ES/MS/HS level math Pre-K thru Calculus and DiffEq
  13. Want homework? No Problems - Get email link for the home work. Home work score is recorded and we / parents can monitor. We recommend no homework if it creates Stress and Anxiety at home.
  14. Parents NOT involved at all in teaching, grading or fighting with the child to get the math work done - we will not pay you do such extra work at home! Therefore, No Stress and No Anxiety at home!
  15. Tune-up of Math prescripton to get jump start for upcoming school year, summer classes with special offers and later join our In-VIEW/COGAT classes to get accepted into GT/COMPACTED/MAGNET Program.
  16. Need help with school topic or school home work or review for upcoming test or quizzes in school? No worries - email us 24 hrs in advance to include the topic in binder to build confidence in next Mathnasium session on your school topics.
Could not afford us before? Not any more! Get the premuim service for the best value ever!
Program starting from $149 a month for grades Pre-K thru 5th grade level qualified Math students ONLY - Each session 30 mints up to 8 sessions a month (like twice a week) or up to Four 1-hr sessions a month (like once a week). $99 enrollment fee can be waived if staying in program for 9 active months. No long term contract - month to month and system-wide price change may occur and price not locked due to no contract.  All fees quoted with ACH mode of payment and card price is little more.Additional $5 per month homework subscription fee required to pay towards bulk school licensing to the vendor company. 
What are you waiting for ! Look No Further!   
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