Multiplication Fluency - Build Skills, Build Confidence - Part 3

Jan 5, 2019 | Gilbert

By Suchita Desai - Owner/Center Director @ Mathnasium of Gilbert


Once the student understands the concept of multiplication and is able to use various strategies to recall multiplication facts, you can use a variety of fun games like multiplication wrap ups or flash cards on a regular basis for practice. This can tremendously help your child recall the multiplication facts effortlessly, when they are working on more complex concepts of long division, operations with fractions and decimals, algebra and so on. 

One such success story using all the techniques and strategies for Multiplication Fluency at Mathnasium of Gilbert has been that of Jessica, a 3rd grader, who has consistently shown 100% success with recalling multiplication facts at her school and can already work on long division with ease!

Attributed to being fluent with multiplication, she has gained a lot of confidence and is already working a grade level ahead with Mathnasium materials. Whether your child is already ahead in Math or needs some catching up to do,  give us a call today at (480) 782-7987 and we can get them started right away!


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