Testimonial Tuesday | February 9th, 2021

Feb 9, 2021 | Gilbert

Testimonial Tuesday📣

"My child is very good at Math but gets bored with the standardized tests. As with most children, she didn’t speak up when the assignments were completed quickly. I wanted to make sure she was challenged and kept up her math enthusiasm.

We tried Mathnasium and she loves doing the assessments and finding out she was ahead of her peers. The work kept her motivated. With the personal attention by the fabulous tutors, they recognized right away which subjects she excelled with and would skip her forward on the skills to keep her motivated.

Mathnasium is one of the reasons I was able to make a case for my child to skip ahead a grade, actually 2 grades, in her Math work. I could show her school the results of her Mathnasium and it helped the teacher make sure she was placed in a Math group that kept her moving along without getting bored and losing her Math interest. Thanks!"

-Donna C., Mathlete Parent


Thank you so much Donna! We love helping students of all ages stay motivated in math because this confidence and motivation can help boost them through not only the rest of their schooling, but throughout life! #MathTutor #Mathnasium #Testimonial