Why a Solid Education in Math is More Important than Ever

Oct 4, 2016 | Gilbert

With the advent and incorporation of technologies into the workplace, the importance of a solid educational background in Mathematics is essential for children who will go on to fill employment openings around the country. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, computer occupations will increase by 22%, with that figure expected to continue to rise over time. This is considered a “faster than average” growth rate by the Department, and is indicative of the impact that technology is having upon the American workforce.


The demand for software developers is especially high, with an expected employment growth rate between 28%-32% for that same time period 2024. And as the data available in various fields increases, workers will be needed to gather and analyze all of it, leading to an expected increase of 31% for database administrators by 2024. IT managers and computer support specialists are expected to see increases in employment in the 18%-20% ranges.


What is important to note is that while this information applies to IT-based fields, the truth is that technology will have an impact upon most other careers as well. Consider the changes that have taken place in common marketplaces such as grocery stores and clothing retailers which have greatly increased the involvement of technology in those fields. Self-scanning checkout lines were nearly unheard of 15 years ago, and online shopping has never been more popular as it is now.


The lesson here is that a solid education in Math is becoming more and more important as the workforce begins to follow the paths blazed by technology. A child with strong Math skills will be more likely to enter a tech-based field, or will be better equipped to utilize the technological advancements in any other career. With these changing tides comes a growing need to excel at Math and science based skills - areas in which American students have begun to fall behind. Providing your child with the assistance he or she needs to excel in Math is more than just a benefit - it is becoming a requirement in order to ensure your child’s future career success.

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