Combating the Summer Slide with Mathnasium

Jul 24, 2023 | Glendale

Preparing your child for the return to school after summer break involves more than just buying school supplies; it's crucial to reinforce their math skills as well. Math is a cumulative subject, and without regular practice, children may struggle to keep up with new material when they head back to the classroom. This decline in math skills can be disheartening, causing students to lose confidence in their abilities.

To combat the summer slide and set a strong foundation for the upcoming academic year, refreshing math skills is essential. There are several advantages to revisiting previous math concepts:

  • Reversing the Summer Slide: By reviewing and practicing math during the summer, you can effectively counter your child's learning loss and ensure a smoother transition back to school.

  • Boosting Confidence: Revisiting last year's math topics and mastering them helps build confidence in your child, making them more prepared for new academic challenges.

  • Reinforcing Foundational Skills: Strengthening foundational math skills lays the groundwork for better comprehension of more complex topics in the future.

  • Fostering a Positive Attitude Towards Math: Engaging in interactive math review can create a positive attitude towards the subject, encouraging a lifelong love for learning.

Mathnasium, as the leading provider of supplemental math education, offers valuable assistance in combating the summer slide:

  • Free Math Skills Assessment: Mathnasium provides a diagnostic assessment to identify your child's strengths and areas that require review.
  • Personalized Learning Plans: Based on the assessment results, Mathnasium creates customized learning plans tailored to your child's specific math needs.
  • Engaging and Interactive Sessions: Experienced instructors at Mathnasium ensure that learning math is fun and interactive for your child.
  • Emphasis on Long-term Retention: Mathnasium focuses on fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, leading to lasting knowledge retention.
  • Confidence-building Environment: Mathnasium centers offer a supportive atmosphere, encouraging students to embrace challenges and grow in their math skills.

Enrolling your child in Mathnasium will provide the necessary guidance to combat the summer slide and empower them to tackle the upcoming academic year with confidence!