Why The Instructors At Mathnasium Rock

May 14, 2022 | Glen Ellyn

At Mathnasium of St Charles, we pride ourselves on our proficient, friendly, and highly-skilled instructors. We know that it takes more than a math whiz to be able to successfully teach your child math. So what is it that sets Mathnasium's Instructors apart?

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Well, we're pretty eager to tell you about it:</o:p>

1. Our Instructors simply MUST be great with kids. We are only in business as long as our clients are satisfied, so teaching kids to enjoy learning math is essential. We specialize in making the learning process effective and fun by utilizing an array of games, puzzles, challenges, and even summer camps.  Here's a recent testimonial from a parent:</o:p>

"My child attended Mathnasium all summer long and absolutely loved it! Mr. John (her Mathnasium instructor) has been a blessing to us!"</o:p>


2. A recent publication from Cornerstone Education states, "One way to dramatically enhance the studying experience is to create a space that is comfortable and pleasant." That's why we make sure each and every Mathnasium instructor is a pro at providing a safe and friendly environment to our students. We want our students to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and take all the time they need to truly understand the concepts. </o:p>


3. Our Instructors are pretty great at math themselves :) We take the hiring process at Mathnasium very seriously. The instructors we hire must pass a rigorous math exam for the level they intend to teach. Any potential Mathnasium instructor wanting to teach upper level math (like advanced algebra or calculus) must pass an even more complex exam. This hiring process makes sure we end up with the best teachers. </o:p>


Parents can tell we offer their students top-tier teachers. A recent testimonial reads:</o:p>

"My daughter LOVES her Mathnasium instructor. Anna feels like her instructor is a real friend, one who wants to see her succeed." -S.B.</o:p>


Our Director can introduce you to our fabulous team of Mathnasium instructors. Visit us today at 1064 Commons Drive, Geneva, IL 60134. We can’t wait to help your student with math! Sign up today for a Free Skills Assessment!</o:p>