What is Common Core?

Sep 2, 2015 | Glen Rock/Ridgewood

This is the attempt to standardize students' learning across the entire nation so that students will be taught the same material no matter which common core state school they ended up attending.

Common Core builds upon the best state standards, and also taking into consideration of the curriculum being taught in other high-performing countries.  Common core standards is built to help students become successful in college, career and in life.

How is Common Core affecting Mathematics

Greater focus on fewer topics

Contrary to popular beliefs, common core is trying to eliminate the vast number of math topics that students in each grade level are exposed to.  The idea is to help the students build a solid foundation by understanding the basic concepts and apply these concepts to solve problems inside and outside of the classrom.

Linking topics and thinking across grades

Common core is supposed to promote what the students have learned the previous years and use that knowledge to develop further mathematical skills to solve more difficult problems.

If you would like to discuss how Common Core is affecting your child's education (whether your child is 1st grade doing basic math, or your child is in high school doing algebra, geometry work), please feel free to call us at 201-444-8020, or email us to setup an appointment.

If you would like to receive more information regarding the Common Core, please check out Common Core State Standards Initiative web site.