Who Says Math Is Boring? Pixar Studios disproves that!!

Aug 31, 2015 | Glen Rock/Ridgewood

If your child questions you why they would ever need "useless" math classes such as geometry, you now have a perfect comeback for them.  There are real life application to many of the "simple" math concepts that your child can definitely appreciate.  Follow this link to this Khan Academy/Pixar Studios' absolute gem on the explanation of using math (specifically parabolas in geometry) to create something as simple as a blade of grass.

In this video, Khan Academy and Pixar Studios' staff will use the concept of parabolas, and midpoint formula (typical geometry, algebra 2 material) to explain how it helps them to animate something as trivial as a blade of grass.  In this video, they will apply this example to the animated film Brave and the most recent movie blockbuster of Inside Out

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