Granada Hills Advanced Math and Gifted Math Instruction Programs

Jan 12, 2021 | Granada Hills

At Mathnasium of Granada Hills, we love math. We love using it, talking about it, and teaching it. Mathnasium’s educational materials and teaching techniques are designed to challenge students beyond what they’re learning in the classroom and broaden their math abilities. In our learning center, we nurture your child’s natural enthusiasm for math and teach them to think critically the way that natural mathematical thinkers do. 

To determine an advanced student’s math abilities, Mathnasium of Granada Hills gives written and verbal assessments that are exclusive to the Mathnasium Method. Based on the diagnostic assessment results, our math instructors build customized learning plans designed to fit a gifted student’s math abilities in two important ways -- avoid spending time on things they already know and build learning plans to enhance and enrich their math talents. 

Gifted and advanced math students, and their parents, seeking to stay ahead and excel will find the customized enrichment curriculum at Mathansium of Granada Hills a great fit.  We also work to improve their skills for math competitions, such as Math Kangaroo, MATHCOUNTS, Noetic Math, etc.  

We know students who excel at math are eager for greater challenges to strengthen and deepen their math knowledge and learn from experienced advanced math instructors. We look forward to putting children on the path to enrichment learning success!


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