Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Shreshth Jain-Hutchison

Assistant Center Director
Shreshth Jain-Hutchison is currently a Senior at Baruch College getting a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology and hopes to get a doctorate in Continental Philosophy and Literature. As a budding philosopher, he has a deep-seated love for logic, proofs and problem solving. He got his first taste of teaching while helping his friends ace their Math Classes during High School and polished his skills while teaching debate and public speaking to college freshman at St. Johns. Currently he volunteers at Corrupt the Youth, a non-profit that teaches Philosophy to High School students. He is very excited to join Mathnasium, because he believes that helping kids gain confidence in their math skills helps them not only in their educational careers, but in developing critical thinking skills that will serve them well in every challenge before them.

Tiffany Zhu

Assistant Center Director
Tiffany Zhu is currently an undergraduate student at Queens College studying to get a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as Early Elementary Childhood Education. She has years of experience teaching children between the ages 4 and 12, in small and large group classroom settings. For Norlin Academy in Bayside, she assisted and mentored students in groups and on an individual basis, and engaged one-on-one with students with learning disabilities. Tiffany also served as a bank teller for JP Morgan Chase and as a supervisor at Red Mango in Fresh Meadows.

Evan Lutchmidat

Lead Instructor
Evan Lutchmidat is an undergraduate student at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, majoring in mechanical engineering. His interests part take in aeromechanical and aeronautical engineering, in hopes of one day being able to create his own aircraft or further develop and advance vehicles while maintaining his key belief of sustainability and eco-friendly innovations. That's not to go without his love for math, and his passion for spreading his knowledge of the subject to all. As for hobbies, even with his dedication and love for his career, he greatly enjoys football, being a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, video games, fishing, and cheese tasting. Among many of his beliefs, a quote by Winston Churchill he finds to be fundamental to life in all aspects is "Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Brad G

Lead Instructor
Brad Garcia is understanding to his students. His main mission is to give the opportunity to everyone to learn and love math. Brad is currently a student at the WGU Teacher's Collge. His experience in tutoring stems back to 9th grade where he tutored kids his age after school to assist his teacher, making him very experienced in relating to his mentees. As a tutor, Brad wishes to understand his students and be very supportive, as he knows how it feels to not understand math. Brad wishes to pursue a career in teaching to spread his love for math.

Lee Schlesinger

Lee Schlesinger has a BA and Masters in computer science from Queens College, and has held numerous positions within the IT industry, including at AlayaCare and the NYC Department of Education. During high school, he began tutoring math. His method is to explain as he learned. It usually works fairly well. Math led him to computers. The more he understands how the world works, the better he can make use of what it offers. Computer numbers are not the same as people numbers. To a person, one over one hundred is just .01; but to a computer, it continues for many places. Math has never left his life.

Jeff Thorne

Jeff Thorne was raised on Long island and attended Valley Stream High School. Following high school, he entered a 5-year physics/electrical engineering program at SUNY Oneonta, followed by NYU Polytechnical institute. Upon graduation, Jeff worked for IBM as a Quality Engineer, Systems Engineer, Area Staff Member, and Unit Manager. He then was hired by one of his IBM customers, TIAA, in the technology space. Following his work at TIAA, Jeff became a math teacher at St. Johns Prep High School in Astoria. He is currently a Math Teacher Assistant at Iris Wolfson High School in Greenvale, Long Island. His hobbies are listening to music, watching classic television, and exercising. He thoroughly enjoys working with students and solving math problems, and is excited to share his passion for math with his Mathnasium students.

David Maksa

David is currently pursuing an applied mathematics degree at The New York City College of Technology. Ever since childhood, he has been fascinated by science and numbers. He has immersed himself in a broad range of topics from evolutionary biology to cognitive science and neurophysiology to modern physical sciences like physical chemistry to mathematical physics to all different kinds of philosophy: ancient, modern, economic, political, and spiritual. He would like to help people see the importance and general trend of disciplines of research and study to benefit greatly from the use of and research into interdisciplinary techniques. In his free time, he likes to read and play video games.

Karina Ragoonath

Karina Ragoonath is a student at Adelphi University, majoring in Nursing. Karina is interested in pursuing a Nursing degree to become a pediatric nurse, and take care of and work with children of all ages. Her passion towards math stems from her younger years within elementary/middle school, when she had a number of great teachers to look up to. Karina’s favorite type of math is Algebra, because it’s the easiest to understand, and to teach. Her passion is to be able to help students learn and understand math because of how frustrating it can be. In her free time she enjoys activities that include shopping, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Karina is excited to share her love for math with all students, and hopefully bring students joy in learning math.

Nicko Hatzigeorgiou

Nickolaos (Nicko) Hatzigeorgiou is a freshman at Hofstra University studying Computer Science. He believes that with enough patience, anything can be done. He applies this in his tutoring through taking the time needed to make a connection with the student. Nicko used to be a student at Mathnasium of Great Neck so he understands the program from the students' perspective! When he isn't working, he likes to play ping pong and watch movies.

Noor Muneeb

Noor Muneeb is currently attending New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a scholarship. As a Mathnasium employee, she not only intends to impart her love for math to others, but also enhance her teaching skills to advance her goal of becoming an academic physician. Noor has completed several research internships and always makes time for volunteering at the hospital, all while peer tutoring mathematics and teaching Kindergartners at a weekend school on Sundays. As a former resident of Queens, current resident of Long Island, and future resident of NYC, she recognizes the power of mathematics in bringing together diverse communities. Besides school and work, Noor loves posting on social media in hopes of becoming an influencer and is working to get through her never-ending list of to-be-read novels.

William Shi

William Shi is an undergraduate student at New York University studying computer science and math. He hopes to one day either work in data science or cybersecurity while staying in NYC. His interests include programming, games of any format, cooking and occasionally basketball. He has experience as a tutor as well as a sports camp counselor and enjoys working with kids to help them learn concepts while having fun. William believes that math, especially, can be taught to everybody and can be made sense to anyone in a unique way. He enjoys constructing visual connections of math for students and hopes that kids can find ways to apply their newfound knowledge in ways they haven’t thought about.

Will Dowling

Will Dowling is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College where he was a tutor and peer educator. He studied Classical Languages & Literatures and Mathematics, two subjects that are not always accessible to students. But he believes that everyone has the ability to access the beauty and usefulness of math, and hopes to help students achieve this goal with focused and empathetic instruction. In his spare time, Will enjoys cooking for family and friends, rock climbing and hiking, and running on the Long Beach boardwalk.

Nicole Turetsky

Nicole Turetsky has a BA and Masters in elementary teaching from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has worked with students from grades 1 through 6 in numerous classrooms. Nicole has created and implemented lessons as well as mentored small math groups during her time in the classroom. She grew up in Roslyn and moved back home once she graduated. Growing up, Nicole was actually a Mathnasium student for a few years and can attest that it helped set her up for success. She understands how it feels to struggle with math, but also loves seeing how much confidence students can gain when that lightbulb goes off and they get it. Right now, she is also working as a preferred substitute at E.M. Baker Elementary School. In her free time she is constantly reading something new and usually listening to Taylor Swift!

Hannah Manjooran

Hannah Manjooran recently graduated from St. John's University with a B.S. in Quantitative Risk Management and Insurance and a minor in Business Analytics. She has many experiences with teaching children of varying ages and skill levels from preschool to high school. She has previously worked at Kumon, which gave her the opportunity to teach students both English and math in large groups. She has had many actuarial internships in the insurance industry but wants to take the time to help younger students develop their math skills. In her spare time, she loves to do her nails, try new recipes, and hang out with her friends.

Bianca Lee

Bianca Lee is currently a senior in Great Neck North High School and has had a passion for math ever since she was a little girl. She understands what it is like to not get something on the first try but knows that with enough patience and kindness, success is right around the corner. Bianca wants nothing more than her students being comfortable around her and happily encourages any questions whatsoever. Volunteering and working at different extracurricular settings sparked her joy and passion for teaching. Bianca wishes to pursue nursing in the future and minor in psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, playing with her dog, and cooking. Bianca looks forward to working with the bright minds that enter Mathnasium and is grateful for the opportunity to do so!

Victoria Tjihaja

Victoria Tjihaja is a current senior at Great Neck South High School. With a heart for helping others, she understands that math can be challenging, yet knows with patience and dedication, it can turn into something fun. Victoria also has experience working as a summer camp counselor and a swimming instructor, which made her realize how much she enjoys teaching others. In the future, she looks to major in Business and minor in Psychology. When not teaching, she loves to bake, read, and hang out with her friends.

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Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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