How Does Arun Handle a Math Pop Quiz, and How Will You?!

Feb 25, 2020 | Green Bay

Meet Arun.

3rd grade student who has been enrolled in Mathnasium since kindergarten.

Cute as a button, yes.

But pay close attention to the way he speaks about math and answers a spur-of-the-moment math problem in this 45 second "candid camera" interview.   It speaks novels of what Mathnasium does for him and hundreds of other students.

After watching the interview, you'll pass your own pop quiz with flying colors!

Now for your Pop Quiz:

1. How does Arun immediately describe his 3 years (and counting) with Mathnasium?

A) Boring

B) Something his parents force him to do

C) Fun

2.  When asked a math question, how does Arun act?

A) Nervous

B) Frustrated

C) Looks to someone for help

D) Calm and confident

3.  How does Arun describe the impact Mathnasium has on his school experience?

A) Confusing to learn from different instructors

B) Makes math at school boring

C) Helps him a lot

Ready, Set, Watch!

Answer Key:

1. C) Fun

2. D) Calm and confident

3. C) Helps him a lot


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