Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Hannah George

Hannah George is one of our senior instructors and a graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is also actively working toward her MBS at Penn State, and works as a Research Scientist in the Sensory and Consumer Insights Department at Hershey. When she isn't working on one of her numerous pursuits, Hannah can be found at Mathnasium of Hershey sharing her love of math with the many student who tend to flock to her.

Kallista Scharf

Kallista is a Middle School and High School math teacher at Hershey Christian Academy, and a graduate from Messiah University in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Education with Teacher Certification in Grades 4-8. Her concentration was Math and Science and she has taught at several area schools. As someone who is enthusiastic and loves teaching math, she looks forward to helping students learn, meet their potential, and connect with them on as she enjoys finding a way to reach every student.

Tressa Hanna

Tressa Hanna is a student at Hershey High School who has a love of mathematics and in particular sharing her knowledge of it with our students, especially the younger ones. She has been a great addition to our instructor pool who is great at making her students comfortable and giving them the confidence to work any math problem we might show them.

Ani Sethi

Ani Sethi is a student at Hershey High School. Ani is one of our newest instructors who is a welcome addition to our instructor pool. His enthusiasm for math is contagious, and it shows in the energy he brings to every encounter with his students.

Danica Christman

Danica Christman is a student at Hershey High School, and a standout addition to our team of instructors. She has achieved inclusion on the Distinguished Honor Roll. She is also a member of both the Math Honor Society and the National Honor Society.

Saahil Mathur

Saahil Mathur is a Senior at Hershey High School and a welcome addition to our instructor pool at Mathnasium of Hershey. He is on Hershey High School's Distinguished Honor Roll, as well as a member of the Math Honor Society. He enjoys helping others realize math insights and wants to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

Zachary Valania

Zachary Valania is a senior at Hershey High School and a terrific up and coming scholar. He has completed Ap courses in calculus, and is currently taking college level advanced calculus. Zachary enjoy working with our students and trying to impart the knowledge that he has gained over the years. He is a welcome addition to our instructor pool.

Claire Li

Mathnasium of Hershey is proud to announce the addition of our new instructor Claire Li. Claire is a student at Hershey High school, and is very excited to begin working with our elementary and middle school students. She is an accomplished and award winning student, competing in Math Olympiads and taking home the top score for her class and scoring in the top 2% in the nation.

Yanhui Liu

Yanhui Liu is a Junior at Hershey High School, excelling in his Math studies and working on collegiate level coursework. He is a member of the Track and Field team, as well as member of Youth and Government. He is also a member of the Math Honor Society and has made the Distinguished Honor Roll. We are proud to have him join our Instructor Team.

Yanwei Liu

Yanwei Liu is a student at Hershey High School who is already taking multiple advanced Calculus courses. She is a member of the National Math Honor Society and is on the school's Distinguished Honor Roll. She enjoys working with students to ensure their comfort and mastery mathematical concepts and principles and is a welcome addition to our instructor pool.

Mythili Pai

Mythili Pai is a student at Hershey High School and an excellent addition to our instructor team here at Mathnasium of Hershey. She has a passion for learning, and for passing on that passion to the students she works with. Not only does she have a sterling academic record, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA and inclusion on the distinguished honor roll, but she is actively involved in multiple extracurricular actives such as Youth and Government, Future Business Leaders of America, and the Key Club.

Dennis Wlson

Senior Instructor
Hi, I'm Dennis Wilson. I went to Penn State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in physics and a master’s in environmental engineering. I, then, attended the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology where I earned a Master of Science in learning technologies, with my master's research investigating science education at cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania. Over the years, I have worked for Penn State Hershey Medical Center as a lab technician and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a water program specialist. In addition, I have also been an instructor at Harrisburg Area Community College in environmental science and astronomy since 1999. I have also taught science courses for Duquesne University and Temple University.

Rachel Almack

Rachel Almack is an award winning math student who will be attending Liberty University in the Fall. She has several years experience with tutoring under her belt, and is already a favorite with our elementary students. She has spent time studying at several international locations, so we are lucky to have her with us as an excellent addition to our instructor pool.

Emily O'Donnell

Emily O'Donnell is a Junior at Lower Dauphin High School who Mathnasium of Hershey is proud to have recently added to our instructor pool. She is a member of the Math, English, Science, and Spanish National Honor Societies. She has experience tutoring elementary school students in through the Study Buddies program at Londonderry Elementary School. She also is a member of the Tennis Team at LDHS. Emily plans to study Accounting at the College level next.

Patrick McHugh

Mathnasium of Hershey is proud to add our latest instructor, Mr. Patrick McHugh. Patrick is a Sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Mathematics. He made the Dean's List in both of his first two semester's this past year. Patrick also attended the MIT Mathroots accelerator program in 2021, and brings a wealth of math knowledge to our center.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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