Back to School Excitement!

Aug 22, 2022 | Highland

While we all may be a bit sad about summer ending, there is no doubt that each school year brings many new opportunities! The idea of meeting new friends, getting new teachers, joining new clubs, and starting new activities is enough to make your students both excited and scared for the start of the new year. Talking to your students about those worries directly can be a great way to calm their fears, and even get them more excited for all the year will bring.

Here at Mathnasium, we have some exciting things coming! We are hosting our first Math Night of the year August 24th from 6-8. A question we get asked often is how to incorporate math at home, and this night is dedicated to showing some of the fun games we like to play that utilize both problem solving and computational thinking. We will provide pizza, candy, and our fantastic instructors to teach and moderate these games. I invite all current students to bring their friends! We will give students a card for each friend that they bring. It is an open house style, so we suggest that you come in, get some pizza, and join us for some games for about 30-45 minutes. I will be available that night to discuss your student's progress, or discuss our program with any parents interested in enrolling their students! Please reach out to me with any questions!

In center, we have had fun polling the students on whether they are excited, kind of excited, or not excited for school this year. This is a fun exercise in statistics for our older students and an introduction to ratios for our younger students. I am happy to announce that the majority of students are either excited or kind of excited for the school year to start, which is great news. I love to inspire a love of learning in our students.

I look forward to what the new school year will bring!

Abby McMullen Center Director Mathnasium Highland 801-577-3299 [email protected]