Tailor-Made Math For Your Student

Nov 14, 2021 | Highland Park

What's Tailor-Made Math? It's customizing a perfect math curriculum for each individual child. Mathnasium of Highland Park designs learning plans to meet your child where they are, then helps them find success by mastering math concepts. Math teachers have the difficult task of teaching a single curriculum to 20+ math students at a time, with each student beginning on a different level.  Mathnasium is here to support schools by offering personalized math attention not possible in a regular classroom setting.

Prefer online school for your child? Check out our Mathnasium@home program.

Mathnasium of Highland Park serves families all over Highwood. We’ve been helping kids master math for several years.

Students attending Sherwood Elementary School, Lake Forest High School can experience huge gains in their math understanding by enrolling in Mathnasium. 

Our Center Director, Cynthia Krol Owen, would love to meet with you. Call us 847-432-5050 or come by today for a No-Risk Assessment! You can find us at 600 Central Ave #142, Highland Park, IL 60035.