Unlocking Challenges for Advanced Math Students

Aug 1, 2023 | Hoboken

Have you ever wondered about the number of students in your child's math class?

Recent research shows the average North American class size exceeds 20 students per teacher. This translates to 20 diverse learning styles and speeds. In such environments, an advanced student craving challenges might get lost in the mix.

Lisa Van Gemert, the voice behind The Gifted Guru, astutely points out, "The age-based grade system, like 'you're 8, so you're in 3rd grade', is outdated." Some children simply need more. And they deserve it.

Wondering how Mathnasium addresses this 'one-size-fits-all' dilemma for advanced math enthusiasts? Let's dive in.

Here are 3 ways Mathnasium of Hoboken nurtures advanced math students:

  1. We assess our students' current knowledge, ensuring we never retrace steps. Instead, we amplify their strengths.
  2. Age is just a number. We prioritize mathematical competency.
  3. Boredom is out; stimulating challenges are in.

Advanced learners thrive on challenges. When tasks are too rudimentary, their focus wanes (and who can fault them?). Conversely, when presented with the right level of challenge, their zeal for learning knows no bounds. Take it from Evette Kincer, whose son Jack attends Mathnasium: "His last report card was straight A's. At Mathnasium, he genuinely loves math.”

The Bottom Line:

In oversized classrooms, even the most dedicated teachers might struggle to offer personalized attention. Some students naturally progress faster, while others yearn for deeper exploration. It's high time we acknowledge this. At Mathnasium of Hoboken, our seasoned tutors are eager to inspire your advanced student. With 20 years under our belt, we've been the trusted choice for numerous families.

Visit us at 336 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Let's chart a personalized learning journey for your child. Sign up today for a two free weeks of classes!