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Unlocking Challenges for Advanced Math Students

Aug 1, 2023 | Hoboken Blog

Have you ever wondered about the number of students in your child's math class? Recent research shows the average North American class size exceeds 20 students per teacher. This translates to 20 diverse learning styles and speeds. In such environments,..

Transforming Math Struggles into Success with Mathnasium of Hoboken

Jul 1, 2023 | Hoboken Blog

Witnessing your child's struggles with math can be heart-wrenching. Every parent hopes to see their child excel, and it's tough when they face challenges, especially in foundational subjects like math. A concerned father once remarked, "I hated seeing ..

Why Do Some Kids Grasp Math Easily While Others Struggle?

Jun 1, 2023 | Hoboken Blog

Ever wondered why some children effortlessly solve math problems while others struggle? The answer lies deep within the brain, specifically in the hippocampus. The hippocampus, nestled in the temporal lobe, plays a pivotal role in learning and memory. ..

Unlocking Potential: Mathnasium's Magic Behind Every "Aha!" Moment

May 1, 2023 | Hoboken Blog

Those magical moments when everything suddenly clicks... It could be a triumphant "I got it!", a gleeful "Eureka!", or that heartwarming "Aha!". These are the moments every parent yearns to witness—signs that a challenging concept has been mastered and, ..

Why Mathnasium Avoids Helicopter Tutoring

Feb 11, 2022 | Hoboken Blog

Ready for the new term of the day? Helicopter Tutoring. It occurs when a tutor lingers over the shoulder of a student, not allowing them to make any mistakes or think for themselves. It happens often in the tutoring world and unfortunately, can result..

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