Mathnasium@Home, Everything you’ve come to Love about Mathnasium except with Virtual High-Fives!

Apr 29, 2020 | Jersey City

It’s quite an adjustment with the COVID shutdown of our daily lives while we work from home and the kids attend school from home.   Being in an epicenter – however – there’s no doubt that this is what we need to do right now. 


The challenge we see from an education viewpoint is continuing to build your student’s math skills.  We all know those skills are important.  The learning, the grades, the getting into schools, the kids future – those challenges are still there—albeit with less urgency.    The pressure by the standardized tests – gone for now.  Yet, the things that brought about the need for the tests are still there.


And…there are additional twists…such as having to be your kids’ teachers, the loss of structure and routine as well as the need to keep the kids constructively engaged. 


What is Mathnasium@Home?


Mathnasium has responded to this challenge by implementing the Mathnasium@Home system.  We feel it’s a great opportunity to keep going – to stick to the plan and even step it up a notch.


The Mathnasium@Home platform was developed over the past three years. Mathnasium HQ accelerated the nationwide rollout due to recent events.  It’s not like other online platforms because it was specifically designed to duplicate the Mathnasium in-Center experience. 


Same Mathnasium Curriculum


You’re already familiar with the Mathnasium Method™  of assessments, customized learning plans with specific instruction and practice at the right degree of difficulty all  based on the student’s assessment.  Instead of having a physical binder in the Center, we put together an on-line binder which we can bring up on-line.


Real Time Human Interaction


You can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection and with almost any device. It’s safe, secure and there is no extra cost. But the best part is you get the same specially trained and caring instructors as at our center—The Jersey City team your kids already know and love.  The relationships your kids have developed with our instructors – that can continue to happen via an online connection.


Individualized Instruction


Unlike other platforms, Mathnaisum@Home  is not a computer-based learning program chock full of tests, videos and quizzes.  It is Mathnaisum instruction – one-on-one and person-to-person just like in the center – just as supportive as it is in our Center.  And, as in the center, we vary our instructional style to suit the student.


For example, say we’re covering a new math topic but discover a forgotten or misunderstood underlying concept.   Just like in our Center, our instructors can make a pencil sketch and provide an impromptu refresh on the underlying principles needed for the present topic.


This real human interaction with our highly talented and engaging instructors brings concepts to life in a way that specifically fits your child’s needs.


Is It All Roses?


Nope, not all roses. If it were, we’d never venture out of our homes. And we’d miss seeing you at our Mathnasium Center!


However, it is certainly an excellent option for our challenging times.


A big part of our Mathnasium learning experience is having a physical place to go and work really hard for an hour and get it done.  Like the gym.  While it’s harder to focus like this at home, a scheduled appointment with a start and an ending helps.


Granted, nothing is quite the same as being in person.  In person, we can read other’s emotions, body language and can sense a mood.  As instructors we can gesture – make a slight tilt of the head, raise an eyebrow (students pick up on these cues).


However we can and will “high five” when we get a big accomplishment – we just have to do it on-line. 


What’s Next?


Schedule an Appointment and set up a free trial.  If your child has been with us before, we’ll even be able to pull up their own Mathnasium curriculum.