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Take A Sneak Peek Inside Your Local Mathnasium

Mar 25, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside Mathnasium of Dunwoody? Today, we want to give you an insider's view of what makes our local Mathnasium so fun and effective: 1. Atmosphere! No one wants to learn math in a prison cell. We create light..

The Calculator Conundrum

Mar 22, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

There are some serious pros and cons to calculator use for your math student. But when should your child be using a calculator and when should they be using their own arithmetic skills? There's no denying that those calculators come in handy somet..

Before and After Mathnasium

Mar 22, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

At Mathnasium of Dunwoody, we get to see amazing math-transformations. Students come to us feeling confused and frustrated about math but they don't stay that way. Here's the story of Rafael, a Mathnasium student who learned to love math. R..

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Get Good At Math?

Mar 15, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

So you have decided that your child needs help with math and enrolled them in Mathnasium of Dunwoody. Now you're wondering how long it will take to get their math skills up to par? We hear this question a lot. Spoiler Alert: One 60 mi..

Meet Our Math Star!

Mar 11, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

We'd like to introduce you to a very important student... our Mathnasium star! This student has been thriving at Mathnasium, and we want to celebrate that success! Kids from all over Westover and Dunwoody can enroll at Mathnasium of Dunwoody and ex..

Is Your Child Avoiding Math?

Mar 8, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

"My experience in math class was (insert a long, introspective sigh) uncomfortable," says Julia Drummins, who is now a mother of three. "I was always nervous about being called on to answer questions I didn't know the answer to. I remember trying to a..

Mathnasium Helps Students Become What They Want To Be

Mar 7, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

Spoiler alert: We don't expect every one of our students to become mathematicians.  In fact, at Mathnasium of South Forsyth, we want our students to have the confidence and critical thinking skills to go after their own, individual dreams. Arithmetic p..

Math Momentum: Give Your Child an Edge in Math

Mar 2, 2022 | Johns Creek Blog

Does your child need help finding the swing of things in their math class? We've got the answer! Mathnasium of South Forsyth has a proven track record of helping kids build real math skills - giving them the confidence and momentum to soar through the..

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