FAQs - About Mathnasium@home

Apr 10, 2020 | Johns Creek




What is @Home?

  • Mathnasium @Home is the same quality math education you’re used to from Mathnasium delivered on a new online platform. â€‹â€‹

How does Mathnasium @Home work?

  • Students and instructors will log onto our virtual classroom to work together, just like in the center!
  • We’ll prepare a customized learning plan for your student based on their most recent assessment. If you’ve been attending in center, your student’s learning plan has been digitized so they can pick up right where they left off.
  • Instructors will work with students at up to a 3:1 ratio, just like in the center.​

Do visits have to be scheduled? What times can students "attend"?

  • Yes, visits do have to be scheduled! As part of the set-up process, we’ll walk you through how to schedule your sessions.
  • @Home instruction is currently available 6 days a week, please check the scheduling page to see what times work best for your family. 

How long are the sessions?

  • Sessions are 60 minutes long.

​Do we have to share audio/video?

  • Audio and video sharing are highly recommended but not required. There is a chat feature in the classroom that will allow students to type their questions, but we’ve found it much quicker and easier to communicate with students verbally. This will also mimic their experience in-center!

Do I need any special software or equipment? 

  • You just need a laptop and a decent internet connection! 
  • Headphones are recommended to minimize distractions during your student’s session.
  • Students are welcome to use Wacom boards, mouse pens, and touch-screen laptops if they wish. These are not necessary, normal instruction can take place with a mouse and keyboard!​​
  • Ipads and mobile Apple devices are not supported by the platform at this time.
  • Some laptops with restrictions do not allow our platform. If you are logging on with a school-provided laptop, it may not be able to load the classroom.

Do I need to pay extra?

  • Nope! Mathnasium @Home is the same cost as in-center instruction.

Can I switch between regular and online? Or supplement regular visits with online?

  • Because we create a specialized curriculum for students, it isn’t possible for us to switch them back and forth between online and in-person quickly. Because of this, we require you to commit to one method of instruction for each calendar month.
    • ​During Covid-19, all enrolled students are online only.
  • You should communicate with your Center Director about your student’s needs to pick the best delivery method for them.

How do I sign up? 

  • If you’re a current family, you will be receiving information soon on transitioning platforms. If you’re a new or returning family, please fill out the lead form above and we’ll contact you!