Local Math Students Give Back to the Community

Jan 24, 2018 | Johns Creek

Mathnasium Students Provide over 14,024 Meals through Atlanta Community Food Bank


ATLANTA, GA (January 23rd, 2018) -- Twenty-One Mathnasium Learning Centers in the Atlanta Metro area teamed up with their students in the month of December to raise over $3,500 which funded a whopping 14,024 community meals through the Atlanta Community Food Bank!

The money was raised by providing the option for each Mathnasium student across the 21 Centers to donate their hard-earned Punch Cards to the food drive. Punch Cards are a means of currency in Mathnasium Centers. Students earn a certain number of punches per Punch Card as a reward for participating in their learning activities and exercises. Once a Punch Card is full, it can be redeemed for various prizes in the Center. Students then walk away with a well-deserved treasure. More than 1,000 big-hearted Atlanta students donated their Punch Cards and each Mathnasium Center Director matched donated Punch Cards dollar for dollar. This resulted in collection of over $3,500 for meals to be available through the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

"The Atlanta Community Food Bank team is excited to partner with the Mathnasium family. This recent fundraising campaign brought $3506 to fight food insecurity in 29 counties of GA and will provide 14,024 meals to families in need. 26.1% of Georgia children don't have enough to eat - that's more than 1 in every 4 kids. We're thankful to Mathnasium for their support and advocacy, and we look forward to partnering with them in the future!" - Alfia Tarassenko, Manager, Corporate Relations.

"We're thrilled that we were able to band together for this effort. It has been one of the highlights of my twelve plus years in the system. We were able to leverage our size and scale and see some tangible life changing results! I am sure from this initial effort we will only grow and be able to make this bigger and better next year." said Chris Lee, organizer of this collaborative effort, and General Manager and Owner of several Atlanta-area Mathnasium Centers.

"Our Atlanta Area Mathnasium Centers are planning to continue supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank" said William Helmstadter, Franchise Business Consultant for the area. "We will be fielding a Mathnasium Team for the upcoming Hunger Walk/Run in February, and hope to continue helping the good work of this organization"

A special shout out to our awesome students at Mathnasium of Johns Creek for being so generous with their hard earned punch cards and donating them to this great cause!