A Night of Summer Fun at Mathnasium of Kendall!

Aug 15, 2019 | Kendall

The Mathnasium of Kendall team wanted to commemorate all the fun we had with our students during the summer and celebrate the new school year by having a Back to School Party!


On August 8th we celebrated going back to school with pizza, games, fun, and an all new Back to School BINGO! Some past fan-favorite games even made an appearance at our party! The purpose of BINGO was to encourage our kids to join in on the fun by engaging in activities such as Musical Chairs or the Basketball Tournament. BINGO also helped us get to know our kids a little more. We asked them what they learned over the summer, what they are excited for during the upcoming school year, and what their favorite thing about Mathnasium is. Our kids really touched our hearts when they said their favorite thing about Mathnasium is the instructors!


The rules for BINGO were simple: complete the activity in each square to get it crossed off, get a raffle entry for each row, column, and diagonal that is completed, and have fun! The winner of our raffle was given the option to win either a Mathnasium t-shirt or 10 cards! We also gave our students pencil pouches to fill with new school supplies we gave out to get them excited for the new school year. We had students represented from Florida Christian, Winston Park, Somerset Academy Prep, Arvida Middle School, Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High, and Miami Sunset Senior High School. Winston Park K-8 Center was the most represented school so their PTA will receive the total donations raised from our party.


Thank you to our kids, and all the friends they invited, for making this summer a great one! We want to wish all our students, parents, and teachers a wonderful school year.


Be on the lookout during the school year for other fun events in our center or at your school! For more information about upcoming events and programs we have to offer, give us a call at (305) 274-3700, email us at [email protected], or stop by our center! You can also check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more center fun!