Winter Break STEM Camp

Nov 26, 2019 | Kendall


Mathnasium is hosting a STEM Camp over Winter Break! Kids in first through fourth grade are welcome to join us in the center from 9am – 12pm for a fun-filled day of learning and discovery. Each day of STEM Camp will focus on one theme. Kids are welcome to come for all 4 days to get the full scope of the STEM topics, or to choose their favorite day and bring a friend!!

On Science Day, we will practice our hand at applying the scientific method. The scientific method starts by asking a question before experimenting to find the answer. Kids will get the chance to perform their own science experiment. Once all the experiments are finished, we will find the answers to our questions such as “How does Elephant Toothpaste work,” “What makes the best invisible ink,” and “How can we make water float?” At the end of the day, everyone has the chance to present their research to their peers.

On Technology day, the kids will be able to learn about binary numbers as well as coding. Kids will use binary to write the numbers 1-15. Once the kids understand binary code, they will create pictures using the codes. We follow binary practice with a game called “If, then” to help kids understand how computer commands work. Kids get to practice their new computer coding skills after by coding LEGOs.

On Engineering Day everyone is going to get to experience physics principles in action!! Kids will get to spend the day creating and building projects that give them the opportunity to try their hand at engineering. Kids will get the chance to experiment with Newton’s First Law of Motion with the Lincoln Diver, channel static electricity to create a Levitating Orb, and learn about friction with a Tabletop Hovercraft. At the end of the day, kids will be able explain the main principle in used in each project.

On Math Day, everyone gets to be an Olympian!! Kids will spend the day practicing math skills with the Measurement Olympics! Olympic Events include Paper Plate Discus, Marble Grab, and Cotton Ball Shot Put. After a day of games, just like with any Olympic game, there will be an award ceremony with prizes awarded to Mathnasium’s finest Olympians!

Our instructors are ready and excited for STEM Camp!! Are you?