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Nicholas Kieffer

Nicholas Kieffer is a highly accomplished senior at IB Bartow with a 4.6 GPA. He has excelled in math competitions, such as MathCounts and the Yale Math Majors of America Tournament, where he placed in the top 20%. Nicholas has qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination and is currently part of the Mathnasium team, helping students understand challenging math concepts. He aims to show students that math can be enjoyable and useful. Nicholas has aspirations to pursue a career in medicine or a math-related field. Outside of academics, he volunteers with Camp Fire and enjoys playing basketball and video games.

Johnathan Marocco

Johnathan is a senior at IB Bartow with a strong academic record, particularly in math. He has consistently earned A grades in math classes since 2nd grade and is a member of the prestigious mu alpha theta club. In addition to his math proficiency, Johnathan excels in chemistry and has performed well on FSA's and AP exams. He is passionate about math and finds joy in problem-solving, as well as assisting others in their mathematical journeys. Johnathan is excited to work with your child and provide them with a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience in mathematics.

Alex Oropeza

Alex Oropeza is a senior student at All Saints Academy, excelling in math and currently enrolled in advanced courses such as Calculus and Statistics. Alongside her academic pursuits, Alex dedicates her free time to volunteering at the Bartow and Lakeland hospitals, with the aspiration of pursuing a career as a pediatrician in the medical field. Drawing from her own experiences as a former Mathnasium student, Alex finds fulfillment in helping others learn and grow. She brings her passion for mathematics and commitment to education to her role at Mathnasium, where she strives to inspire and empower students on their learning journeys.

Carolina Miranda

Carolina, is a junior at Lakeland Christian School, is a dedicated math student with a passion for teaching. Having previously attended Mathnasium, she has developed a strong foundation in mathematics and aims to pursue a career in aerospace. In addition to taking AP Pre Calculus and statistics, she is enrolled in AP Physics. Carolina recently participated in Camp Yellow's International Math Competition, where she placed 106th out of 1,600 contestants. Inspired by her father, who has been her patient math tutor since childhood, she aspires to help others by answering their math queries. Carolina's love for teaching and mathematics drives her to share her enthusiasm with fellow students, making math an exciting and enjoyable subject for all.

Joshua Gray

Joshua, a junior at IB Bartow, who has a knack for social studies and mathematics. He got a 1380 on his SAT which puts him in the 96th percentile. Enrolled in both AP Calculus AB and IB Math, he is truly passionate about numbers and problem-solving. With a love for reading, delving into history, and absorbing knowledge, Joshua is always seeking to broaden his horizons. As he looks ahead to the future, his aspirations include becoming a psychiatrist and, simultaneously, pursuing a career as an author. With such a diverse range of interests, Joshua's journey is bound to be one of extraordinary accomplishments.

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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