Have you ever wondered what goes on inside Mathnasium of Leawood?

Jan 13, 2023 | Leawood

Today you’ll get a glimpse into the happenings of your local center as we follow students through their first experience at Mathnasium of Leawood.

Q: What is the first thing a brand new student does at your center?

A: decorate the spine strip for their binder

Q: What is the comprehensive assessment? How long does it take to finish?

A: We start the assessment process with a verbal assessment. This has 2 purposes: the first, to put the student at ease and show them that Mathnasium isn't a scary place to be! We love to have fun! The second purpose is to determine which level written assessment they need. We don't only take their grade level into consideration when choosing a written assessment. We want to start at their last level of mastery, which sometimes means going back a couple grade levels to uncover those learning gaps. The total process can take 1.5-2 hours, but a lot of that is just talking! We use the results of both assessments to thoughtfully build a personalized learning plan for the student. No two students ever need the exact same things. We also don't want to spend time working on skills they have already mastered because that would be boring and repetitive. We make sure that what goes in their binder is exactly what they're next ready for so they aren't frustrated by being made to move too far ahead too quickly.

Q: How often should I bring my student to Mathnasium of Leawood?

A: 2-3 times per week

Q: Who are the people teaching my child?

A: Our instructors range from high school seniors taking Calculus, to PhD candidates at UMKC, and retired teachers. All our instructors go through extensive training to learn the Mathnasium method, plus extra training just to make sure they're the best of the best!

Q: When can I bring my child into Mathnasium of Leawood?

A: We offer after school and evening hours Monday through Thursday. The most popular day is Sunday afternoon, though! We also have the online classroom for online only and hybrid students.

Q: How do you motivate your students at Mathnasium of Leawood?

A: We have several ways to motivate the students, not the least of which is the reward cabinet. We have multi-tiered rewards, so whether a student has 1 punch card or has managed to save up 5, there is something for them. Students who save 10 punch cards can redeem them for a $20 gift card to a store of their choosing.