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Prashant Chandra

Executive Director / Owner
Prashant is a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious institute (IIT) in India. His passion has forever been Math and Physics. The love and passion for Math runs in his entire family. His father is M.S. in Math from University of Illinois, Urbana, U.S.A., did PhD from India and retired as Professor in 2002. So, Prashant has inherited it all! He has very unique ways of solving Math problems, some from "Vedic" Mathematics and some are his own initiatives. He truly believes that Math is the foundation for most of the subjects and enhances skills of logical thinking. A strong math skill always helps one to grow in both professional and personal aspects of life.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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