How to Create a Good Homework Environment

Feb 19, 2019 | Littleton

Students spend a majority of their time in the classroom and when they get home, they need to do even more schoolwork. Therefore, it is paramount to create a good homework environment for kids.  Here are a few tips for creating the perfect space:

Create a Distraction Free Environment

The key to a good homework environment, is to create a distraction free area away from siblings, pets, televisions, and other loud noises. It is extremely hard to focus if you are constantly being interrupted and looking up to see what is going on around you.  Every time a child is distracted, they lose their place in the academic process and it cause frustration having to re-read the same thing over and over again.

Make it Comfortable, Organized, & Well Lit

The space should include a desk and comfortable chair.  Lighting is paramount to make reading and writing easier. Allow your child to select a few items for the space to personalize it, which also gives them ownership of the area.  Include a pencil holder and bookends to keep it organized.  A bulletin board or magnetic board could be useful to allow your student to get papers off the desk but still have them within eyesight.

Allow for Breaks

Kids have a short attention span, so creating time for breaks can actually help them be more productive when they are working.  If you notice your child experiencing a lot of frustration with a specific concept, a quick break could help alleviate a complete blow-up.  During breaktime kids should do some stretching and get outside for fresh air.

Be Well Fed

Before starting on homework or studying students should be well fed so their tummy isn’t grumbling.  Healthy snacks are the best option as they will wake up their brain and increase their ability to focus. Good snack choices include: an apple, peanut butter & celery, or orange slices.  Try to avoid sugary drinks and foods which could later cause a sugar crash.

Be Available for Help

Lastly, be available to offer help to your child.  Homework can be difficult, and a little guidance might be needed.

Creating a good homework environment might take some time to make it perfect for your child’s needs.  Try out different ideas and then reassess to see if anything needs to be changed.  Also, create a routine, so the child can expect the same thing every day.  For example, when they get home from school they might play for an hour, then have a snack, and then begin homework. Some children need a little more encouragement, so you can give them motivation through offering rewards, prizes, praises, or a fun play date.

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