Relieve Your Child's Math-Related Stress

Jun 29, 2017 | Littleton

Too many kids are stressed out. A common childhood stressor is academic pressure. This pressure may come from adults, peers, and even the child themselves. Adults relate to these types of stress. Grades often feel like a job performance review and children want to make you proud of their performance. Feeling as if you don’t measure up to expectations is stressful. Feeling less successful than other kids in class is also stressful.

What Does Stress Have to Do with Math and Mathnasium?
We know math homework, math grades, and math class cause stress for many families. While we can’t take away all stress, we can and do minimize stress where math is concerned. Our specially trained math instructors are like math coaches and a good math coach goes a long way to help children feel more successful and less stressed out about math.

Summertime is actually an ideal time to get extra math help. Kids tend to be less busy during the summer, which means they can catch-up or get ahead in math without adding to a hectic schedule. Plus, learning math in a non-stressful environment actually helps kids learn concepts quicker and retain skills longer.

5 Stress Triggers Related to Math Your Child Might Be Experiencing
1.   Low math grades on tests sometimes stress kids (and parents) out.

Suggestions: Remember, a grade is just an indicator of learning, not a statement of your child’s intelligence or worth. Make sure you emphasize that you care most about your child’s effort and the learning over the letter grade.

If your child isn’t meeting their own, or your, expectations for math grades think about what is causing the low math grades. If your child is struggling because of a math gap give them the tools they need to thrive. Learning gaps, especially foundational skills learning gaps, make learning new material more difficult. At Mathnasium of Littleton, we will close their learning gaps and which will reduce their stress (and probably raise their math grades!)

2.   Inappropriate placement in an accelerated math class will stress kids out.
Accelerated math classes move at a faster pace than other math classes. They are not appropriate for every learner, not even for every child who does well in math or who likes math.

Suggestion: Schedule a conference with the teacher and/or the school counselor for insights. Schedule a free comprehensive assessment from Mathnasium of Littleton to see if any math gaps are holding your child back.

3.   Entering middle school can cause anxiety. Adolescents who struggle in math have additional social pressures. This social stress may manifest itself as apathy or goofing off in class. This can be true even when the child get good grades.

Suggestion: Recognize that middle school is a time of adjustment and that school is more than just a place to learn. If your child feels socially awkward and stressed because of struggling in math, we will provide a socially safe place to catch-up.

4.    Pressure to do well in high school math often causes stress. These stresses include taking final exams, getting into college level math, or taking the PSAT and SAT

Suggestion: Strong study skills and habits help high school students tackle the academic challenges. Encourage your child to plan ahead for tests and ask questions in class. Focused study is one of the best ways to increase learning and reduce test anxiety. We provide a great study atmosphere here at Mathnasium of Littleton. While we are a math learning center, the study skills for homework and tests learned here may transfer to other areas of academics.

5.   Your own memories about school might add to your child’s stress. If school, and math in particular was a stressful time for you, you might inadvertently pass some of those anxieties and stresses on to your child.

Suggestion: Try not to dwell on your own experiences as a predictor for how your child will experience school and math. Instead, talk about how your experiences will help you navigate your child to succeed. 

Do More than Just Hope
If you want your children to not stress out over math homework and tests in the fall, you need to give them the tools they need to succeed. Give us a call today at 720-400-8531 and see if Mathnasium can help relieve some of your child’s stress. Most kids really enjoy their time here at Mathnasium of Littleton

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