Word Problem Wednesday: Robots and Batteries

Oct 1, 2021 | Long Beach Bixby Knolls

Since almost all kids are schooling from home right now, we have the perfect math home learning solution for you! Usually, we share one-word problems a week to help students practice their math skills. This week, however, because we know that so many families are practicing distance learning, we are including a math word problem for ALL grade and skill levels, from lower elementary through Algebra.

Find the word problem below that’s the right skill level for you and give it a try. Take your time working it out — no peeking! — and when you feel you’ve found the solution, look below to check your solution against ours.

Enjoy your fun math practice, and be sure to check back next week for more!

Lower Elementary:

Question: One robot can lift and carry 900 pounds. A second robot can lift and carry 1,800 pounds. If the robots work together, can they lift a boulder that weighs 2,500 pounds?

Upper Elementary:
Question: A fruit punch-powered robot has a box-shaped punch tank that is 10 centimeters wide, 20 centimeters long, and 30 centimeters high. If the tank already has 600 cubic centimeters of punch in it, how much more punch can the robot hold?

Middle School:
Question: There are three different types of robot batteries. A blue battery lasts as long as three green batteries. Two green batteries last as long as five yellow batteries. How many yellow batteries last as long as a blue battery?

Algebra and Up:
Question: A robot can run 25 meters per second. The robot’s robot dog, K9, can run 20 meters per second. If K9 runs away from the robot and the robot starts chasing it 10 seconds later, how long will it take for the robot to run and catch K9?

Have you worked out the answer to the word problem you chose? Take your time finding the solution, we know you can do it! When you’re ready to check your work, look below to find our solutions.