Never Too Early to Conquer Test Anxiety

Aug 11, 2023 | Manhattan Beach

Even though the school year is still weeks away and your student’s first test will come a couple weeks after that, it is never too early to conquer test anxiety.

At Mathnasium of Huntington Beach, many of our students found math to never be a struggle until tests became a big part of their grade. As they got older, and these tests were more heavily weighted, they noticed that their grades began to drop. So, they came into our center to try and gain their confidence back in math class.

Recently, one of our students who is going into their second year of middle school, took an assessment. They didn’t score as well as they thought they would, which caused them to be nervous for their first day back at school. Luckily for them, they found our program right in time.

We began their journey here with going over the basics in multiplication/division and reintroducing them to fractions and fractional quantities. Because of this step we took, they were able to show us mastery of four different concepts in only one hour of being in the center. They gained their confidence back in their math skills and now feel ready to conquer the first day of school better than their last.

If your student also struggles with test anxiety, we may have the program to help them get their confidence back. Schedule a free assessment with us today and find out about our August promotions.

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