Ultimate Pi Day Party 2015

Mar 19, 2015 | Mansfield

Our Ultimate Pi Day Party was full of merriment and measurement!  And, a little bit of "Pi" in the face for our instructor Aaron.  We explored the meaning of Pi in several fun and creative ways.  Samuel kicked off our event with tossing the first "Pi" in Aaron's face.  Then everyone went inside for several Pi exploring stations.  Everyone made Pi bracelets, answered trivia questions, found Pi measuring several items (including their heads!), found where their birthdate is in the number Pi, along with winning raffle prizes.  Annali won the privilege to end the afternoon with tossing another "Pi" in Aaron's face.  Then everyone enjoyed eating pizza "Pi", cupcakes and chocolate silk "Pi"!  Please go to our facebook page to enjoy some more photos taken from our day.