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Summer at Mathnasium keeps math skills strong.

The expression "use it or lose it" applies to math knowledge, too. On average, students lose 2.6 months of what they've learned in math class over summer break. Summer at Mathnasium is the answer.

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Summer 2024 Math Boot Camp - Flexible Dates
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Your child can avoid the math learning loss that typically happens over the break by attending summer sessions at Mathnasium. And the benefits don't stop there!

  • Flexible Membership options allow you to come in 12 times or 21 times over the summer months.
  • Faster progress is possible without the distraction of other academic commitments
  • We're vacation-friendly, with live face-to-face instruction, both in-center and online
  • Kids can start the new school year with confidence
  • You select the days/times of your students sessions
  • Customized learning plan and courseware
  • Ongoing written and verbal evaluations, progress reports
  • Individual instruction and guided practice

Half-Year and Full-Year Flexible Options are the most popular membership options and are commonly recommended to transition your student from the summer into the busy Back to School season!
If you are only seeking summer options, the following are available:
12 Sessions Packages (can be used over 60 or 90 days)
21 Sessions Packages (can be used over 60 or 90 days)

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION OR ASSESSMENT so that we can identify the package of best fit based upon your student's needs!

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Summer Hours (June 10, 2024 to August 10, 2024):
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Summer Math-Skills Mastery Lineup
Numerical Fluency
Our Numerical Fluency Summer Program teaches students techniques not only to master, but to extend beyond basic addition and subtraction facts. Key concepts include the 10 fundamental prerequisites and skills necessary for addition and subtraction fact mastery, visual representations, word problems and more.

Multiplication Fact Fluency
The Multiplication Fact Fluency Summer Program exposes students to scalable strategies that are applicable outside of the standard 12 x 12 multiplication table. Key concepts include count-bys, repeated addition, commutativity, launching points, word problems and more.

Students who are either looking for a preview of key fractional concepts or are in need of a refresher before next school year are perfect for our Fractions Summer Program. Key concepts include naming and drawing fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, complements to the whole, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, ordering fractions, word problems and more.

Problem Solving
Designed to create mathematical thinkers at all ages, our comprehensive Problem Solving Summer Program allows students to experience depth in problem solving. Key concepts include mastery of problem solving related to the four basic operations, proportional reasoning, fractional concepts, algebraic problem solving and more.

Algebra Readiness
Upon completion of our Algebra Readiness Summer Program, students will have mastered key concepts in preparation for Algebra 1 coursework. Key concepts include expressions, linear equations, graphing, proportional thinking, algebraic word problems and more.

Geometry Readiness
Upon completion of our Geometry Readiness Summer Program, students will have mastered key concepts in preparation for high school geometry coursework. Key concepts include classifying shapes and angles, transversals, congruence and similarity, surface area and volume, conditional statements, an introduction to proofs and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions to resolve basic outstanding concerns without speaking to someone.

  • What are the instruction hours during the summer?

    From June 10 to August 10: Monday to Thur: 12pm-7pm and Saturdays: 9am to 1pm

  • How often can my child come in?

    You can select between 12 sessions or 21 sessions that can be used in the months of June, July, and August. Other membership options are also available.

  • Do my sessions expire?

    Yes, all summer sessions must be used within 60 days or 90 days from purchase or by August 31st. Whichever comes first.

  • What if I am taking time off for vacation during the summer? Can I hold the account?

    Mathnasium is aware of summer vacations and are flexible to summer schedules. We will identify a program tailored to your schedule during the initial consultation.

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Our Method Gets Results

The proven Mathnasium Method™ builds the foundation for math mastery through deep understanding.

  • Individual Assessment
  • Customized Learning Plan
  • Face to Face Instruction
  • Proprietary Curriculum


of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding



of parents report improved attitude toward math after attending Mathnasium



of students saw an improvement in their school grades

Make the Most of Summer, and Be Prepared for Fall

Mathnasium helps students:
  • Retain their math knowledge
  • Gain an advantage for the coming school year
  • Apply math in fun and engaging ways

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