Seeking Extra Academic Help For Your Child? Montclair Is A Community Of Learning Centers

Sep 10, 2010 | Montclair
About 10 years ago, John de la Rosa and his wife, Angela, moved to Montclair from New York City, like so many others, and have since had three children. About two years ago, Angela de la Rosa was laid off from her job at Lehman Brothers and the couple began looking for a business they could launch together that also would allow them plenty of time with the kids. "After some thought, we decided we would open a learning center," John de la Rosa said. "Angela had a business and physics background, and I used to be a research scientist at Bell Laboratories ... I am now an IP attorney with a home office. Math was second nature to us." After volunteering with students at Bradford Elementary School, they decided to open a Mathnasium, a math only learning center on Valley Road, last December. Read More: