News from Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon

Feb 7, 2022 | Mount Lebanon

Have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside Mathnasium? Let's talk about what you and your student can expect on your first visit at Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon!!

After you schedule your appointment, you and your student will come in and meet with one of our fabulous Mathnasium instructors. The first visit is very important-- it's when we give your child their comprehensive assessment. This assessment is vital in creating the right learning plan for your child. No two learning plans are the same at Mathnasium because no two students have the exact same math comprehension. When our math tutors have gone over your child's results, they will customize an individual learning plan that highlights your child's math-strengths and addresses their weaknesses.

Great! So now, our Mathnasium tutors have a personalized syllabus for your child. Here comes the fun part: your child's first session!

At the first session (sometimes a different day than the assessment), your child learns:

1. Procedures for your center. (This is just the basic stuff like how to sign in, what to do when they have questions, where's the bathroom etc.) 

2. Check out the reward cabinet! (This is pretty cool!) Mathnasium offers great incentives for students who meet their goals. Your child can decide which prize they want and learn how to earn it.

3. Get your new Mathnasium T shirt! 

4. Get introduced to your child's special math tutor, one of our fabulous Mathnasium instructors. 

5. Personalize your binder! Now is the time to decorate your Mathnasium binder-- this keeps all your work in one handy place. 

Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon is a friendly, effective place for your child to be tutored in math.