Even Math Teachers Bring Their Children to Mathnasium for Homework Help

Nov 26, 2017 | Mt. Laurel

Beth teaches high school math. Yet, she could not help her own daughter in sixth grade math. Why not? The math was easy for Beth and she knows how to teach it. The problem was that whenever Beth tried to help her daughter, they fought.

The Backstory

Beth pushed her daughter Jasmine into enrolling in advanced math. She figured she could help Jasmine when necessary.

When Beth looked at Jasmine’s grades, she was surprised that Jasmine was getting a C in math. Jasmine had never asked Beth for help. The teacher recommended that Jasmine get tutoring. Beth decided to start helping her own daughter with math homework and studying. It would be less expensive than hiring a tutor.

The first night went okay. But after that things went downhill. Doors slammed. Eyes rolled. Beth has the utmost patience with her students and successfully teaches advanced math concepts to children. She knows she should be able to help her own daughter. She could help her … if only… her daughter would listen to her.

Beth decided to hire someone to help Jasmine so that she and her daughter could restore their relationship. She read about tutors and math centers. She liked the methods and curriculum of Mathnasium. http://www.mathnasium.com/mtlaurel/method She brought Jasmine in for an assessment at Mathnasium of Mt. Laurel.

Beth felt a little bit embarrassed that she couldn’t help Jasmine herself. Then she got over it and decided the money spent on Mathnasium was worth every penny. She knew her daughter was learning better at Mathnasium than she would be at home. http://www.mathnasium.com/neurotransmitters-and-math-homework. If you know math, but helping your own child turns your home into a battlefield, don’t despair. Help is right around the road. Give us a call today.  (856)441-2356.


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