Mathnasium of Nashua Explains Why Having Math Skills is SO Helpful

Sep 15, 2023 | Nashua

Q: Tell me about a time when having math skills came in handy

A: In my everyday life, math has been a real game-changer! I've found it super handy when playing card games like 45s with my friends. You see, in this game, we aim to reach 150 points, but there's a twist – if you score exactly 45 points, your total resets to zero! Math has been my secret weapon for strategizing how much to bid and win.

Q: Tell me about a memory you have of learning math

A: I remember feeling pretty lost in my Calculus 1 class. I was struggling because of the Algebra or Geometry in the problems. The Calculus techniques were pretty simple. My school offered free tutoring. My tutor's name was Mitch. He was very passionate about math. Not only did he help me out, but that was the moment where I decided I wanted to tutor math as well!

Q: What are some of the benefits of the Mathnasium Method?

A: The Mathnasium Method makes math simple by using efficient strategies. Doing 0.20 times 125 to find 20% is awful! Knowing Percent for Each 100 allows me to simply add 20 + 5. The difference in speed and simplicity is amazing! I'll never forget that Mathnasium was the first place I ever saw that.

Q: What could Mathnasium have helped you with when you were a student?

A: I would have loved to work on the PKs and WOB puzzles because the approaches taken by Mathnasium are far more interesting than the standard algorithms I learned growing up! I especially like the digit puzzles!

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