Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Virginia Rice

Assistant Center Director
Virginia developed a passion for working with young people as a Mathnasium Instructor while studying at the University of South Florida. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and has 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher, certified in 6-12 Mathematics and Computer Science, with endorsements in Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Gifted education, and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). She has also acted in leadership roles in the Hillsborough County School District as a Subject Area Leader and a District Math Coach. Virginia is dedicated to working with young people and building strong and lasting relationships with their families. Her lifelong goal is to help children develop a love for mathematics that stems from confidence and understanding.

Mathew Williamson

Mathew earned an advanced joint bachelors and master's degree in mathematics from the University of South Florida. While working on his degree, he served as a teaching assistant for many classes. After graduating, he taught at Hillsborough Community College, the University of South Florida, and was an instructor at Mathnasium of New Tampa before buying the center with his wife in 2007. In 2011, he was one of two people in the Mathnasium system to be chosen to be a Franchise Business Consultant because of Mathnasium of New Tampa's success in helping so many kids over the years. His love of helping students learn math in a way that makes sense to them has enabled him to help students in Mathnasium centers all across Florida.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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