The importance of "Number Sense" in a tech-heavy world

Apr 4, 2024 | Noe Valley San Francisco

Global Head and VP of Maggie Johnson writes: "There is a common analogy between calculators and their impact on mathematics education, and generative AI and its impact on CS education. Teachers had to find the right amount of long-hand arithmetic and mathematical problem solving for students to do, in order for them to have the “number sense” to be successful later in algebra and calculus. Too much focus on calculators diminished number sense."

It just so happens that Mathnasium knows this, and "number sense" is one of many skills that is addressed with our program. Here at Mathnsium of Noe Valley calculators are not allowed to be used as part of our daily work with students. We strive to help kids figure thing out by providing them with a strong foundation that allows them to solve problems on paper, or using mental math.