How Your Child Can Earn Rewards Through Goal Setting

Dec 17, 2021 | North Fresno


In 2012, Northwest Missouri State University published a research article highlighting what happens when students make academic goals for themselves. The results were clear- there is a significant difference between the academic progress of a student who sets goals in the classroom vs a student who doesn't. teaches three positive results for students who set goals:</o:p>

1. Students develop motivation</o:p>

2. Students grow a stronger sense of purpose </o:p>

3. Students increase their ability to focus</o:p>

Mathnasium of North Fresno knows the benefits of goal setting, especially when it comes to learning new math concepts. That's why we have our goal and reward system in place. When your student comes into Mathnasium, they begin by setting clear and reachable goals with their personal math instructor. Each goal is custom-made for the level and pace of your student. Our students also get to choose a reward that they'll earn when their goal is completed. (Our reward cabinet is pretty impressive!)</o:p>

Each session your child attends brings them closer to mastering math and earning their reward. Our instructors aren't just excellent teachers, they're also great cheerleaders and love to celebrate success with their students. </o:p>

Mathnasium of North Fresno wants to help your child reach their math goals. Come see us at 6021 N Palm Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704. Our Director, Karyn Songer, will be happy to meet you. </o:p>

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