How Mathnasium Helps Students At School

Feb 20, 2021 | Novi

Novi Easier

"You can't make math any easier" says James, a fifth grade Mathnasium student. 

"I never thought I could do math, now I know better" said Ariella, another Mathnasium student.

We all know attending Mathnasium of Novi is sure to improve your child's understanding of math. But how does it affect their performance at school? Do the math skills learned at Mathnasium really translate to measurable progress in the classroom?

What about those hard-to-learn math concepts? Does Mathnasium really make a difference?

We say, "YES!" But don't take our word for it, let's see what real Mathnasium parents have noticed:

  • Speaking of his daughter, one parent said, "She proclaims she likes math now, and she is getting more and more math work done at school." Having more and more work completed at school means less and less time at home feeling frustrated with homework. 
  • "Our daughter, Raven, never got a 100% score in math class previously. After attending Mathnasium, she got her first 100% score at school!" Seeing your child's test scores increase is really motivating, for the parents and the students. 
  • "Amanda is an advanced math student at school. She normally earns A's. Lately, she's been struggling with math and her grades have fallen to B's and C's. This week, all of the students in her math class were struggling with a new lesson. None of them were getting it. Amanda, (who had begun attending Mathnasium) remembered what her Mathnasium instructor had been teaching her and was able to solve the problem and even teach the other students how to solve it." (Wow!)

Mathnasium really provides measurable growth for students. We notice it, our students notice it, their parents notice it, and we're confident you'll notice it too.