Keeping Up With The Carters

Sep 21, 2021 | Novi

Keeping Up With The Carters


Elizabeth (Liz) is a local Mathnasium of Novi Mom. She found our center when her oldest, Chloe struggled with word problems and looked for math tutoring help. They’ve been a Mathnasium family ever since!


Chloe is jumping into 7th grade this fall. She took her Mathnasium assessment just over five months ago and has made fantastic progress. Chloe's mother, Liz, noticed, "She was excited to go to Mathnasium. After she got started she really hit the ground running." Riley is currently working on scientific notation. "I worked really hard to get here." She said, "I had to re-learn exponents first." Riley’s comprehensive assessment revealed that she needed more practice to solidify the information, so her Mathnasium instructor made sure to find a fun way for them to practice. These lessons got Chloe enthusiastic about math!


Riley, the middle daughter,  is 11 and will be attending 5th grade this fall. She came to us first looking for homework help. Now, her Mathnasium instructor is focusing on teaching ratios by using visual aids and manipulatives. They take several blue and red blocks and count how many red for how many blue, and then convert those ratios to fractions. “I’m really getting the hang of this,” Riley told us, “after this, we’re going to start working on some geometry!” Riley has come to love learning about math and taking on new math challenges.


Heather, the baby of the family, is getting ready to start 4th grade. Heather wanted to start Mathnasium because she saw her older sisters doing it. “Heather was doing well in math before she started Mathnasium,” Said Liz, “but now she is a math super star!” Heather is currently working on long division with her instructor Mallory. “I used to always work too fast and make a bunch of mistakes,” Heather told us, “Mallory showed me how to slow down and check my answers!” Spending this much time with a one-on-one tutor has made Heather excited for math class every week. She loves to show off all that she has learned. 


The Carter family is having a blast at Mathnasium of Novi, just like the many families around. Come join us! Sign up today. Call today to get started!