What Is Math Anxiety? What Causes It And How To Fix It

Feb 17, 2021 | Novi

Does your student shut down when it's time for math? 

Does your student avoid eye contact with the teacher during math?

Does your student shy away from working in groups because he/she is embarassed? 

Sounds like that student has a case of math anxiety. What exactly is math anxiety, you ask? It's a feeling of tension that interferes with your ability to solve math, in basic day-to-day life and in the classroom. 

-And it's a lot more common than most people realize.

A recent research project found that about 93% of American adults experience math anxiety on some level. A student with math anxiety suffers from a fixed mindset, believing that their basic intelligence is simply a fixed trait. Many students with math anxiety feel that they cannot learn math, that some people were born with the ability to understand it and some just weren't. (Hint, this notion is false)

In contrast, Carol Dweck (of TED talks) states, "A growth mindset is when students understand that their abilites CAN be developed." 

At Mathnasium of Novi, we believe just that. When your student comes to Mathnasium we eliminate the triggers that often cause math anxiety. These include:

1. Feeling rushed (No one performs well when there isn't enough time)

2. Working in groups that aren't on the same level of understanding as your student  (Working next to the math prodigy child doesn't make us want to practice our vulnerability either) 

Mathnasium of Novi will pair your student with a welcoming instructor. That instructor will then proceed to teach your student at their level, and at their pace. Practicing math with a mentor is a great way to lower anxiety levels. A recent study found on pubmed.gov showed that children who studied this way had lower levels of math anxiety.

Parents are noticing that when math anxiety is eliminated, students begin to genuinely enjoy learning math.

"My daugher finally loves math! The staff does a tremendous job making sure the math comes across as fun and engaging" -N. C.

"(Mathnasium) is a great place to learn math! Kids will definitely enjoy it here."  -M. V.

Come to Mathnasium of Novi and see what it feels like for your student to finally say goodbye to math anxiety.