Is Your Child Stressed Out because of School?

Oct 5, 2018 | Pasadena

Many of the schools in the Pasadena area take pride in their rigorous academic programs.  Parents tend to flock to such schools knowing that the rich curriculum will give their child a life-long advantage.  However, when you combine challenging classes with their many extra-curriculur activities, along with the factors that come with growing up in the digital age, kids might be having a difficult time handling it all.  Let's just pause for a moment and consider how our kids might be coping with such demands.

Not every kid is forthcoming about their problems, so check out this article that identifies a few warning signs of stress in kids.  It also gives a key piece of advice: help make your child feel safe.  Engage in non-confrontational ways.  Ask questions to keep a healthy flow of conversation.  And, this one is hard - but, really listen without criticizing.

The sooner that you can recognize the signs of stress in your child, the sooner that you can take some positive action to help resolve that stress.  And, with less stress, the whole family will feel much more peace, confidence and vitality!