Does Your Advanced Math Student Need A Challenge?

Apr 8, 2022 | Pearland


How many students are in your child's math class?

According to current research, the average class size in North America is over 20 students per teacher.

In other words: 20 different learning styles and 20 different learning speeds. Even with teachers performing their best, the child who needs a challenge may be overlooked. 


Lisa Van Gemert, author of The Gifted Guru, says, "In general, we're going to have to realize that the dynamic of 'you're 8, so you're in 3rd grade' is silly." 

(Some. kids. just. need. extra.)

So, what does Mathnasium do to solve the-one-size-fits-all issue for advanced math students? Glad you asked :)


Here are 3 ways Mathnasium of Apex gives advanced math students what they need:

1.  We test our students to see what they already know and we don't cover the same ground twice. Instead, we build on it.

2.  We make age irrelevant and instead, focus entirely on math competency.

3.  We swap out boredom for a challenge


Advanced students need to be challenged to stay engaged. When a concept is too basic, the student loses focus (we can't blame them, either). On the flip side, an advanced student will find themselves delighted in their learning when it’s challenging enough to pique their curiosity. Evette Kincer, mother of Jack (an advanced math student who attends Mathnasium), reported, "His last report card was straight A's, and he actually enjoys math [at Mathnasium].”


Here's the takeaway

In a classroom of over 20, even the world's best teachers can't customize math for your child. Some kids need to go more quickly, and some kids just need more. World, let's accept this. The tutors at Mathnasium of Apex are prepared to engage your advanced student today. We’ve been helping families, just like yours, for 10 years.

Come in and see us at 962 US Highway 64 W, #15A, Apex, NC 27523. You can meet our Director, Ethan Smith, and we can get started on creating a customized curriculum for your child. Sign up now for a Risk-Free Assessment and Consult!