Holiday Shopping Ideas!

Dec 16, 2020 | Pearland

In Brief:

  • Mathnasium of Pearland highlights gifts for children in elementary and middle school that can help improve math abilitiy and encourage STEM activities. 
  • Gift Ideas include games, LEGO and other build toys, STEM / Science kits, and you can even build your own Rubik's Cube.   

The holiday shopping season is under way.  If you’re looking for gifts for your children or grandchildren that are both fun and educational, we have several suggestions you’ll want to check out. 

Yes, math education and fun do go together, and they can make great gifts.   


You’ve heard of sudoku?  We’d like to introduce you to Sumoko.  This crossword style math game can be described as Scrabble meets math.  The game allows younger students to practice addition and subtraction skills, while older students will also have an opportunity to work on multiplication and division skills.    


Head Full of Numbers
This game is a favorite of the Mathletes at Mathnasium of Tallahassee. If Sumoko is Scrabble meets math; Head Full of Numbers is Boogle meets math.  The game promotes algebraic thinking as players earn points by solving a series of equations involving different operations. Over the course of the game players will practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


Chess is always a popular activity with students at our math learning center.  However, the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has increased interest in the game.  Children (or teens or adults) learning chess benefit from improved problem-solving skills, increased creativity, and enhanced planning and foresight abilities. 


STEM Activities

Gear Bots for LEGO
In our 2019 list, we featured Chain Reactions for LEGO.  This year, there’s a new option … Gear Bots.   If you’re child is a Lego fan, this gift will help give new life to those old Lego sets that may be sitting in bins in the closet or attic.  Gear Bots features a series of physics-driven projects that you can build.  The book comes with more than 60 special new LEGO pieces that help build axles, cams, and  cranks. This a great gift to help introduce the concepts and theories in engineering.   


Engineering Makerspace Off-Road Rovers
Powered by a battery operated motor, these off road creations introduce the builder to belt drivers, wheels, treads and more.  The kit features directions to build 10 different off-road vehicles.  Or, kids can use their imagination and create a vehicle of their own. 


Creatto Light Up Crafting Kit
Creatto is a building system of flexible tiles that can be interlocked to create three dimensional creations.   There are a variety of kits available. Each one can be used to create multiple designs and then illuminated with the included LED lights.  The directions include a QR code that you can scan with your phone bringing up a video to walk you through the building process.


Glow-in-the-Dark Science Lab
With this kit, children can perform chemistry experiments to learn more about neon pigments and glowing substances.  You can mix up solutions to create your own neon sidewalk chalk, sprinkle it on flowers or plants to make them glow in the dark and more.  The kit includes glowing pigments, UV flashlight, plaster for chalk and instructions. 


Rubik’s Build It Solve It
The Rubik’s Build It Solve It kit comes with all the parts you’ll need to build your own Rubik’s Cube!  Of course, you’ll then have to solve it.  But no worries … it includes hints and tips to help you master the Rubik’s cube. 


Snap Ships
Snap Ships is a new “building system” on the scene.  There are several models available, however you can get creative and build your own creations from each set.  The ships feature moving parts and each comes with a surprise piece knowns at the UJU tech piece.  One of the unique aspects to Snap Ships is the Youtube video series they have created.  Plus, there’s a complimentary augmented reality app that you can download to your phone that will “bring your ship to life” according to the Snap Ships website. 


From all of us at Mathnasium of Pearland, we wish your family a safe and enjoyable holiday.  We hope these stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts help provide ideas that are both educational and fun.