How Coding Makes Math Fun

Dec 27, 2022 | Point Loma

Math learning is a challenge for many children around the world. Children often struggle with formulas, equations, algorithms, and statement problems. Enjoying math through coding is an amazing opportunity for children. Math and coding are closely related, so when your children learn to code, they are also being introduced to an appreciation for math skills. Coding can be fun and educational. Let’s understand how children can inadvertently make leaps and bounds in their appreciation for math with coding, through the below points.

Coding is Logic One of the fundamental skills required to excel in math is logic. Through coding, children can master the skill of logical reasoning, which might otherwise be difficult for them. For example, while designing a video game programmers must think logically about what the avatar in the game will do depending on what the player decides. If the player presses the spacebar, the avatar will jump. Every single action and reaction must be foreseen, analyzed, and have a solution in the code. This advanced form of applying logic is fundamental to coding, just as essential as applying logic in the field of mathematics.

Improve your Problem-solving skills Coding is similar to math in that it solves problems using principles and rules. When you learn to code, you will need to identify patterns, think critically, test solutions in practice, and possess analytical skills. Analyzing problems and finding feasible solutions require critical thinking skills in children. It is also necessary to give the computer the right instructions and determine which solution works best. These kinds of critical thinking skills are extremely important for math.

The art of Coding teaches you to try again Coding also teaches us that mistakes do not equal failure. When writing code, the programmer will try several codes to figure out which works to solve the problem. The more a coder equates making mistakes with being a necessary part of the process, as opposed to a failure, the more they are likely to persevere until they find the right solution. This way of thinking applies across all fields of academia, particularly math, as kids sometimes need to try different formulas or methods until they reach the correct answer.

Concept Visualization Visualizing complex concepts and understanding their number in math is essential for many problems. Through coding, we can help children visualize abstract concepts. When children visualize numbers, they are more likely to understand and grasp a concept. It is important to visualize the equation and consider the optimal solution in this way. As an example, if a child needs to make an app, they need to visualize what they want in the app before figuring out how to instruct the system.

In the end, coding strengthens problem-solving abilities and persistence. The study of math as it is can feel taxing, but coding is an engaging and practical way to learn math. Not only are these skills applicable to academia, but also to everyday life. Those who code have the upper hand in applying these valuable skills to succeed in mathematics as well!