Why Starting in Elementary is Critical to Math Success

Nov 19, 2018 | Point Loma

Why is overall math success important?

A strong math foundation is important for both good grades on a student’s report card as well as success on standardized tests.  However, even more importantly, cultivating a tradition of success in math can have a substantial impact on confidence in all academic areas.  Many students equate intelligence with their math abilities.  When a student struggles with math, their confidence suffers.  This can negatively impact a student’s motivation and willingness to take on new and different challenges in any subject.


Why are the elementary years critical to long-term goals?

Elementary school is the bedrock for the future learning.  In elementary school, students should be comfortable with the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.)  They should also become adept at using negative numbers (integers), decimals, and fractions.  When a student goes to middle school and starts learning algebra, a solid computational foundation is assumed. A student will struggle if they have to spend time contemplating questions such as “When multiplying fractions, do I need common denominators?  Or is that just for adding and subtracting fractions?” Classes move quickly and as lessons become more conceptual, number fluency is critical to success.  The jump from arithmetic to algebra is a big one.  The leap to high school and integrated math can feel insurmountable.  Academic achievement rests on the foundation that starts to form in the early elementary school years.

What happens if goals aren’t met
Being behind makes the rest of the school years more difficult.  Students who lack a strong foundation spend time and energy struggling just to keep up.  In addition, students who fail to master multiplication and the other key aspects of elementary school math often develop “mathphobia.” They label themselves bad at math and lose the energy and drive needed for success.

How Mathnasium can help
Mathnasium can help get your elementary school student on the path to math success.  Because Mathnasium helps math make sense, students are engaged and learn to enjoy math at an early age.  Many parents turn to Mathnasium to make sure their child stays on track for long term growth.  Others reach out for help when their child starts to struggle.  In both cases, Mathnasium’s proven results, positive environment and caring instructors will set the stage for a lifelong learner.

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