Distance Learning from the Math Experts

Apr 4, 2020 | Rancho Penasquitos

As current public health issues require families to begin distance learning, our new service, Mathnasium@home, allows students to continue to get the same face-to-face Mathnasium instruction you find in the learning center — from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Developed over 3 years for customers who had obstacles to bringing their children consistently into centers, thousands of students have already found Mathnasium@home to be as effective as in-center learning. We now offer this service to all our customers in an effort to help families weather the current school closures and social distancing protocols.

With Mathnasium@home:

  • You get the same instructors and Mathnasium Method you know from our center, with real-time, face-to-face, web-based math instruction.
  • Learning can happen anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • You can smoothly transition your child to in-center learning at any time if you wish.

Call or email us to ask about Mathnasium@home. We can get your child set up right away.

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