Teaching Teens To Take Responsibility

Oct 13, 2021 | Rockford

Ah, adolescence. It's that unclearly defined span of years that bridge childhood to adulthood. When your child is an adolescent it can be hard to find the right balance of responsibility and dependence. Here are some tips from experts that help teach our teens about responsibility without forcing them to grow up immediately:

1. If your teen is in high school, try not to micromanage them. "Instead of waking them up each morning, let them use an alarm clock," says Jamie Farnsworth Finn, writing for Today.com. 

2. Hold firm when dealing with consequences of bad behavior. If your teen is breaking house rules and isn't receiving any consequence, then your teen is learning that there isn't any reason to obey house rules. Conversely, a teen who has learned that breaking curfew results in having their phone taken away has also learned the beginning of responsibility. 

3. Set clear expectations with your teen about school attendance, homework, and grades. Earning a perfect 4.0 might not be a high priority for your family, or even a healthy one, but maybe consistently studying is. Help your teen set themselves up for success by making rules about what is and isn't acceptable at school. 

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