Celebrate Halloween With an October Math Activity!

Oct 17, 2019 | Rockridge

Remember how much fun it was to play connect the dots, creating pictures that seemed to “appear” from nowhere? We do! And we’re celebrating Halloween with wickedly wonderful connect-the-dot activities for elementary school children to enjoy while practicing math. You see, a Halloween witch cast an “invisibility spell” on our mascots, Ace and Addie. They need help to solve the math problems and make them “reappear” so they can go trick-or-treating!

To play, just click on the links below to download and print copies for you and your child. You can do the problems together or work independently to see who can complete it faster! We think it’s a fun way to practice math with a creative goal in mind.

Lower Elementary Halloween Activity
Upper Elementary Halloween Activity

If the problems prove very challenging for your child, consider that they might benefit from a math tutor. Mathnasium instructors specialize in teaching math so that children not only understand it, but master it and love it as well!

This October, may your treats outnumber your tricks! Have a happy, mathy Halloween!